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Non-deduction of supervision charges by PWD causes loss of Rs 1.80 Cr
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Jammu, Nov 5: Public Works (Road and Building) Department has suffered a huge loss of Rs 1.80 crore for its failure in deducting supervision charges from the agencies on whose behal, the department had executed the works, as laid in the norms.
Sources told Early Times that according to Jammu and Kashmir Public Works Account Code which envisages that the works executed on behalf of any agency the charges of which are not financed out of the Consolidated Fund of the State are liable to be charged supervision charges prescribed therein.
"As per norms, the works costing Rs 5 lakh and above the supervision charges are deducted at the rate of 9.5 percent, similarly, the works costing Rs 2 lakh but less than Rs 5 lakh at the rate of 12.5 percent and the works costing more than Rs 40,000 but less than Rs 2 lakh at the rate of Rs 14.5 percent," they said further adding that the percentages liable should be adjusted month by month as the works expenditure is incurred.
They further said that one of the Road and Building Construction Division during the period of 2010-11 to 2015-16, they had executed 18 works on behalf of five offices of the Government of India and incurred an expenditure of 19.61 crore on their execution but had not recovered an amount of Rs 1.87 crore on account of supervision charges till 2015.
Astonishingly, the department after failing to take necessary steps timely, had taken up the matter with offices last year on behalf of the work was done for recovery of supervision charges but till date no such recovery of such huge amount has been made causing loss to the state exchequers, they added.
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