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Of 1767 defaulters, 77 Govt offices & 91 others owe more than Rs 1 lakhs
Defaulters of PDD's Division Reasi
G S Asgotra

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Jammu, Apr 14: The tall claims made by the incumbent Power Development Department (PDD)'s minister, Dr Nirmal Singh, to bring PDD back on rails has failed as is reflected by growing number of defaulters.
As per an RTI response furnished by department recently, in Division-Reasi of Power Development Department, there are 1667 defaulters having power dues having worth of many Crores which have been not paid to the department since 2010. Out of these defaulters, 77 government offices while 91 defaulters having more than one Lakhs pending dues.
The defaulters list are as Assistant Executive Engineer of PHE, Tote Stage-II owes Rs 17.06Lakhs, AEE PHE, Tote Stage-III owes Rs. 3.36Lakhs, AEE PHE Stage-O owes 3.96Lakhs, AEE PHE, Shermegha, WSS, Stage-O owes Rs. 0.40 Lakhs, AEE PHE, Shersundhwa, Stage-O owes Rs. 6.13 Lakhs, AEE PHE Shersundhwa, Stage-I owes Rs, 5.94 Lakhs, Allopathic Dispensary, BHarkh-I owes Rs. 7.53 Lakhs, Tourism Office, Katra, Ransoo owes Rs. 10.92Lakhs, Ex Engineer PHE Mech Division, Akhnoor owes Rs. 28.84Lakhs, State Bank of India, Ransoo 1.70 Lakhs,P/STN. Stage 2 Letar, Letar Dub Pouni owes Rs. 2.17Lakhs, P/STN. Stage-o WSS, Barakh Pouni owes Rs. 1.19Lakhs, AEE PHE Mech. Division Sub-division, Angi Kiyala Reasi owes Rs. 17.45 Lakhs, AEE PHE Mechanical sub-division, Angi Kiyala Reasi owes Rs. 18.20 Lakhs.
Medical Officer of Allopathic Dispensary, Teeryth owes Rs. 3.73 Lakhs, XEn PMGSY, Reasi owes Rs. 1.81 Lakhs, Range Officer Forest Range, Reasi owes Rs1.42 Lakhs, BMO Pouni, Pouni Bazar owes Rs. 4.66 Lakhs, P/Station of Nambla Reasi owes Rs. 7.49 Lakhs, Principal GHSS, Reasi owes Rs. 2.21 Lakhs, Manager Treasury, Reasi owes Rs. 1.37 Lakhs, Xen Rew Division Reas, DC Complex Reasi owes Rs. 0.89 Lakhs, Nodal officer India, 303-A Block DC Complex 0.20 Lakhs, Executive Engineer R&B Divison, Reasi owes Rs. 4.97 Lakhs, Xen R&B Division Reasi (Store) owes Rs. 5.0 lakhs, Chief Account Officer, District Fund office Reasi owes Rs. 0.31 Lakhs, Deputy Director Sheep Farm Nawabad owes Rs. 0. 10Lakhs.
P/Stn. Stage 1WSS Letar owes Rs. 2.71 Lakhs, P/ STN. Stage 1 WSS, Chetter owes Rs. 8.74 Lakhs, Deputy General Manager, JKPCC Ltd. Udhampur owes Rs. 2.14 Lakhs, 890 Battalion 56 APO Single Party, Bharkh-1 owes Rs. 2.03 Lakhs, Block Medical Officer, Pouni Bazar owes Rs. 2.36 Lakhs, Executive Engineer, MICD Jammu, Kheralair Pouni owes Rs. 37.73 Lakhs, Sarpanch Panchayat Pouni owes Rs. 2.25 Lakhs, AEE PHE Mech Division Angi Kayala Reasi owes Rs. 19.92 Lakhs, AEE PHE Sub Division (Light), Angi Kayala Reasi owes Rs.0.49 Lakhs, AEE PHE Mechanical Sub-Division Kayala Reasi owes Rs. 29.19 Lakhs, AEE PHE (Mech) Sub-Division, Kayala Reasi owes Rs. 24.52 Lakhs, Chief Horticulture officer, Block No. 1 Hall number 203 owes Rs. 0.43 Lakhs, Principal HSSS Reasi owes Rs. 1.47 Lakhs.
Vodafone Essar Spacetel LTD. (Bhaga), Bhaga Saldi owes Rs. 12.92 Lakhs, P/Stn Stage-11 WSS, Sangar owes Rs. 2.91 Lakhs, P/Stn Stage-3 WSS, Matah owes Rs. 1.11 Lakhs, AEE (Mech) PHE Sub-division Reas, Kambaldanga Nambal owes Rs. 14.98 Lakhs, Police Post, Pouni owes Rs. 1.43 Lakhs, Assistant horticulture Officer Pouni owes Rs. 0.33 Lakhs, Guzzar Bakarwal Hostel, Talwara owes Rs. 1.39 Lakhs, P/ Stn, Teryath, Pouni 8.16 Lakhs, P/ Stn Vissikalakote, Pouni 7.22 lakhs, P/Stn-11, Khoori Ransoo, Pouni owes Rs. 35.96 Lakhs, Assistant Commission Development, Reasi owes Rs. 2.29 Lakhs,.
Principal DIET, Reasi owes Rs 1.31 Lakhs, Farm Manger Fisheries, Reasi owes Rs. 3.68 Lakhs, Dy Director Sericulture Development, Gandhi Nagar Reasi owes Rs. 0.69 Lakhs, the Vegetable Seed, G. Nagar Reasi owes Rs. 0.36, Executive Officer NAC, Reasi owes Rs. 12.69 Lakhs, AEE Road & Building, Dak Bunglaw Reasi owes Rs.11.14 Lakhs, Vodafone Essar Spacetel Ltd. Site at Simbal Choa owes Rs. 11.88 Lakhs, Chief Medical Officer, Geeta Nagar, DC Complex Reasi owes Rs. 1.33Lakhs, Pump Station Stage-3 WSS, Sangar 2.08 Lakhs, Assistant Executive Engineer (mech) PHE Sub-division Reasi Nambal Stage Vijaypur 16.44 Lakhs, SDET Telecommunication for BTS, Teryath 9.65 Lakhs,.
Principal Police Training College, Talwara owes Rs. 13.16 Lakhs, P/ STN-11, Owna of Pouni owes Rs. 17.47 Lakhs, P/STN, Dhyote Stage, Pouni owes Rs. 5.97 Lakhs, P/ Stn WASS Vissi, Vissi Kalakote 2.38 Lakhs, P/ Stn, Shivkhori owes Rs. 2.92 Lakhs, P/ Stn, WSS Letar, Letar Dub Pouni owes Rs. 1.02 Lakhs, Range Officer Thakrokote, Talwara owes Rs. 0.43 Lakhs, Headmastr Government Middle School, Pora Jagir owes Rs. 0.26 Lakhs, P/ Stn-O Gun Gos Pouni 13.59 Lakhs, P/Stn OWNA, Pouni owes Rs. 17.47 Lakhs, P/Stn-O Chetter Kheral Pouni Rs. 13.59 Lakhs, District Officer J&K Khadi owes Rs. 1.51 Lakhs, M/s Vodafone, AJitto of Aghar Jitto owes Rs. 13.84 Lakhs.
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