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Strikes in Kashmir to divert nation's attention from NIT row
Exodus of non-local students
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JAMMU, Apr 14: The happenings at National Institute of Technology (NIT) Srinagar and the exodus from Srinagar of all or nearly all non-local students of the institute have exposed the Kashmiri leadership. An impression has gone down across the nation that there are elements in the Valley who do not want any non-Kashmiri to settle or study and do any job in the Valley and that there are also elements in the establishment and the State police who are virtually part of the ongoing secessionist and communal movement in the Valley.
But more than that, the exodus of the non-local students from Srinagar has led the nation to believe that the BJP has adopted a policy that would further help the secessionists in Kashmir to promote their seditious agenda and create situation in the otherwise peaceful regions like Jammu that would endanger the life of the nationalists in the region like what happened in Kashmir after 1987 - developments which led to the wholesale migration of Kashmiri Hindus from the Valley in early 1990.
The general view across the country is that it was the BJP that was responsible for the exodus of the brutalized non-local students and that the BJP is worse than the Congress and other "secular" parties and formations. Their view is that the PM Modi's administration has raised its hands in Kashmir, saying had it not been so, what was done to the non-local students of the NIT Srinagar could not have been done. Some have even gone to the extent of saying that the BJP's nationalism is nothing but a fraud.
Any way, the secessionists in Kashmir and their supporters in the establishment have realized that what happened in Kashmir has exposed them and their movement and blackened their faces beyond recognition. They do not want the responsible Indian media to focus on the gory and despicable events which culminated in the exodus of the non-local students, as such a focus has the potential of creating hostile environment across the country for Kashmiri students studying outside Kashmir, including even Jammu. Hence, they have been engineering protests in the Valley exploiting non-issues and exaggerating incidents.
Take, for example, the Handwara incident. Kashmiri separatists are wrong in targeting the army even after getting a clear picture of the incident. Two young people, including a cricketer, and a woman were killed in Handwara when security forces opened fire to disperse a stone-pelting mob targeting their bunker. The incident took place after reports surfaced that some army personnel had allegedly molested a girl returning from school.
However, police investigations have so far indicated that no such incident had taken place. Army has ordered an inquiry while the police registered a criminal case and begun investigations into the incident which triggered more protests and had an echo in Srinagar and Pulwama districts of Kashmir as well.
The Army has issued a statement in Srinagar with a video of the girl, who, according to locals, was misbehaved with by the security personnel, sparking protests. "In the video, the girl is denying any molestation by any army personnel at Handwara on April 12, 2016," said the army spokesman.
The Army has verified the authenticity of the video and identity of the girl. "The girl says that she went to the nearby wash room along with her friend and suddenly a youth appeared before her and took her bag away. As per her statement in the video, the boy resisted her to come to nearby police station," said the spokesman.
Notwithstanding the Army's clarification and the girl's statement, secessionists and their supporters in the establishment continue to muddy the Indian waters in Kashmir and their whole objective to divert the nation's attention from the real issue: persecution of the non-local students of the NIT Srinagar and their exodus. The national media has done well to expose the undesirable forces in the Valley by setting the record straight as far as the Handwara incident is concerned. The fact of the matter is that the national media is the nation's last hope.
Very importantly, the BJP would also want the media to ignore the NIT episode, as it has already dented its image.
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