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Mantri wants Police to vacate bungalow for him
Power Corrupts!
His colleague asks cops to keep him informed about developments

Sumit Sharma
Early Times Report
Jammu, Apr 14: Just within a few days of assuming power again, ministers have started exhibiting how powerful they are, and they can go to any extent to get what they want.
An owner of a Bungalow in posh Gandhi Nagar locality seems to have become an eyesore for one of the ministers, who seems to be interested in throwing him out of his house, as he is believed to have liked the property.
Sources informed Early Times the minister in question is behaving like an underworld don and is intimidating the police to get the bungalow vacated at any cost. "Jammu and Kashmir Police are caught in catch 20-20 situation as the minister in question is asking the police officials to misuse their official position and do whatever they could to acquire the property and appease him," sources claimed. They said , "The minister showing keen interest in the bungalow came to fore on Thursday when a group of police officers at his (minister's) behest raided the House No 116 AD at Gandhi Nagar which presently is in the possession of one Pawan Sharma. "
"The policemen allegedly lifted the servant of Pawan Sharma and reportedly took him to Bari Brahmana Police Station. As soon as Sharma came to know that his house has been raided and his servant lifted he informed the senior police officers, who told him that the house which he purchased in 2013 from one Paramjeet Singh is a disputed property" said a source.
Sharma while talking to Early Times said, " I was told that two ministers called the senior police officer in Jammu and ordered him to get the house vacated as soon as possible."
"I had purchased the property after court's registration from one Srinagar based person Paramjeet Singh," he added.
Meanwhile, a senior police officer when contacted said, "The bungalow in question is a disputed property between two brothers Paramjeet Singh and Amarjeet Singh. When Aamarjeet Singh realized that Paramjeet had sold the bungalow and swallowed the entire amount he knocked the door of the court where in he filed a complaint that his younger brother had sold his property which he raised out of loan from State Finance Corporation (SFC)."
However, Pawan Sharma said that Paramjeet had power of attorney on ground when he sold the property to him (Sharma).
Meanwhile, another senior police officer when apprised about the matter said that Police are caught "Between devil and the deep sea. One minister has been calling us to get the property vacated, while one more has joined the race and wants us to keep him abreast about the developments," he added.
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